What kind of projects does hodema work on? Can hodema help sell or develop a franchise abroad?
hodema mainly develops hotels, restaurants, retail and real estate projects. Its scope of work also includes counseling for catering companies. Some of our projects include the development of retail areas, as well as Spa and wellness centers, elaboration of operating manuals, implementation of franchises, creation of a museum related to food & beverage in Lebanon, implementation of a fund dedicated to food & beverage in Saudi Arabia and many more. Yes, hodema can assist in the development process of a franchise and the elaboration of franchise agreements, helping the client in negotiating the terms and ensuring follow-up on the field during the implementation process. hodema also elaborates the outlet’s operating manuals and assists in the development of other manuals such as architecture and branding.
Can hodema assist clients with bank loans applications? Can hodema assist clients in a project's branding and interior design?
Yes, hodema can prepare a project brief including a summary of the feasibility study and financial projections, details on the elaborated concept, guidelines on architecture and interior design and so forth. Upon client’s request, hodema can develop a marketing and financial strategy as well as organize meetings with banks and financial institutions.
Acting as the client’s representative, hodema works closely with its clients to improve their chances of obtaining the required financing.

Yes, hodema helps create a powerful and unique branding by building an image that will turn into a differentiating tool on the market. It can also advise its clients on architecture and interior design layouts and enhance brand recognition to create a solid concept.

When does hodema intervene in a project? Can hodema help if the outlet is already open? Can hodema perform staff trainings?
hodema can intervene at any stage of the project from preliminary phases to operating phases, providing the client with ongoing support and guidance through the entire process; hodema can handle pre-opening, opening and post-opening phases; it can develop investment strategies, elaborate operating manuals (even for existing operations), follow-up on architects, kitchen recipe sheets and so forth. In order to further develop and maintain competencies, hodema conducts seminars and training sessions for employees, including upper level management. The sessions can be performed on or off-job and are structured as interactive workshops involving real life case studies.
Can hodema advise public institutions on hospitality matters?
hodema can provide technical support for public institutions such as the Ministry of Tourism in developing legislation texts concerning hospitality issues like the classification of hotels, file requirements, attribution of hotel license and so forth.
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